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Revelations, Meditations, Prayers

available for free in PDF format

Revelations of the Lord Jesus to the mystic Giustina Klotz.
Transcription and publication edited by Fr. Hubert

Booklet 1-The Act of Love Biography of Justine Klotz-Text + Cover S.-34 .pdf
Booklet 2-The Omnipotence of Love in the Sacrament of Penance, Text + Cover, S.30 .pdf
Booklet 3 The Mystery of my Love Notes on the Priesthood
Booklet 4 - The Mystery of the Mother of God - Text + Cover S.22 .pdf
Booklet 5 - Exortations for our time - Text + Cover S. 20 .pdf
Booklet 6 - Mercy of Jesus, Fount of Love - Text + Cover S. 18 .pdf
Booklet 7 - Jesus King of Love - Text + Cover S.-28 .pdf
Booklet 8 - The Sacred Heart of Jesus - Text + Cover S.42 .pdf
God speaks to the Soul - Booklets 1-8 + Particular Topics + Biography, Text + Cover S.136 .pdf

Meditations by Br. Hubert H. concerning particular topics for the salvation of souls, available as pdf.

Alliance of Donation - Text with Cover
The Eucharist: Fishing for Souls - Text + Cover
Child Jesus found by Justine Klotz - Text + Cover
Messages on Particular Topics Abortion, Eucharist, Humility, the Sacred Heart, Pope John Paul II, Suffering, Resurrection... - Text + Cover

Prayers drawn mainly from the writings that God speaks to the soul, available for free in PDF format.

The new Act of Love 2xA4, Ante
The new Act of Love 2xA4, Back
The New Act of Love, A5 Ante+Back
The new Act of Love + Penance + Eucharist - Alliance, A5 2 Pages
Pray the Holy Spirit again
The Sign of the Cross
The sacrament of penance
Offer all of Jesus’ spiritual work for the sake of souls
Offer in prayer Jesus' fear of death
Child Jesus Handout
27 July 2019

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