Revelations of the Lord Jesus to Mrs. Justine Klotz
faithfully edited by Father Hubert Hintermaier
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The Act of Love: A Secure Way to Renewal

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(Jesus): ““The ACT OF LOVE is a sure way to renewal: LOVE FOR LOVE’S SAKE. Adore Me present in the sacrament of Love so that I can pour it out. I am always your help. Pray! Pray! The Lord has never been so close. Carry this love in your heart and go your way in FAITH, because hell tears everything apart.  This way the abyss grows wider.  Sin is fought against only through prayer.  No one can free himself. Awaken with this weapon (the act of love) and come to me with courage. I have promised much with it. It is a source of victory!…

When you listen you love.  It is the way of the small. You shall always love, when you can’t do anything else. How did Therese do it?  She knelt and offered me her heart.  I brought it close to my own Heart.  It was a deep union. You have to be that small and always offer me your heart.  It receives its own power.  It cannot become cold anymore.

I said: ‘Learn from me!’ I say this to anyone who turns his gaze to me.  My Love is holy; it is as a luminous cloud that enwraps the soul and the soul knows it.  It belongs to me, just as I belong to it. Its will is given over completely to the Father who lives in me, and no devil has access to this transformation (…).

Fr. Karl Maria Harrer: “God looks at the heart. If I do even a simple thing, but I do it out of love of God, then that work acquires eternal worth. God knows our innermost thoughts. We can be assured that if the Act of Love is prayed with faith, then the awareness of the power of love, and the request to multiply it by one thousand with every breath and every heartbeat, will be surely heeded by God. This Act of Love will be a wise and wonderful means that will allow us to pray – heart and body – and love continuously. If many of us do it with the heart, then wouldn’t these Acts of Love become as an atomic bomb of love, a new triumph of light over darkness? For each of us who prays with the desire that this Act of Love be repeated a thousand times for the salvation of souls, there is the growing awareness of satisfying God’s desire, and this brings inner peace”.



The Omnipotence of Love in the Sacrament of Penance

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Jesus: “The confessional is the throne of my love!  Do men know what they go there to do?  They treat it as though it were another ordinary task.  There is no remorse, no love, no trust.  I have to supplant for everything!  That is why the sacrament is so easily rejected.  Child, how much it costs me!

“The priest is as though seated on a throne of compassion. He is sanctified through many graces.  Everything that his ministry demands of him becomes a blessing for him, by means of the HUMILITY that he practises. Whoever does not appreciate this (humility), loses the pearl I spoke of.

“I will richly reward those priests who submit themselves to this sacrifice (of confession).  Through this sacrament they become generous dispensers of grace.  They donate grace, and they donate Blood, to keep my spiritual body alive.  To this extreme my Blood flows.

Humility is that pearl!  It doesn’t grow by itself.  One must seek this treasure.



The Mystery of my Love Notes on the Priesthood

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(Jesus speaking on His Mother):

She is Mother of all priests, and of all children.  By the grace of her supplications priests are granted to the Church.  It was by the grace of her supplications that my time was quickened, and now her supplications continue for priests. Everything comes through her and is returned to the Father.  She is so adorned for the Father; to honour the Father.

“She was made to render honour.  Her soul knows not the ego.  She was elevated because of her HUMILITY, to honour the Son. (…)

“How could a priest bear his own dignity if she were not his mother!  He is permitted to elevate the Son to the Father, as she did.  Yet, no one can equal her!…

(The Mother of God speaks about Holy Mass):

“I am present at every Eucharistic Sacrifice.  I am with my Son at every Sacrifice, and very close to every soul. I  have to watch over the souls, so that all hearts are open to receive what is happening there.

“I am MOTHER OF PRIESTS especially.  None could bare this burden (alone), for this, I won’t leave them alone. Always I am for them that which I was for my Son.

(Jesus says:)

You come daily to receive the Eucharist, yet you leave your brothers to suffer in the freezing cold! O, do pray! There are brethren who call!

The dead can not walk again. I am concerned with the inner resurrection.  In hearts is death and sin.  Souls need elevating from within!  It is to this that you are called, you who believe in me and in my Love.


“Love must be spread.  It cannot be locked up like money in a closet.

“Allow your souls to take my Mother’s example!  Oh, how she prayed to me! And how love can do so much!

“Receive me every day and place me in her Heart! Do not tie me down; but in the secret of your hearts, follow where She shall lead you.

“She is a beautiful vase both inside and out; worthy of great honour!  In particular, her Heart carries light to the dark world to remind souls of Love.”

Oh, do pray for priests!  Praying for them is advantageous.

“How I love those priests that are strong in their faith! If priests did  not believe in me the miracle of Love could never happen. They must do everything without doubting: transform bread into my Body! They participate in my soul, that is why they can transform wine into my Blood. Such is the degree that I have enveloped them in my Divinity. This Sacrifice is indescribable!

“It will strike hell and all the evil spirits will flee, terrified. GOD Himself is on the throne as a victim of love. The evil one, full of terror, watches my Love shine. And he sees that the souls who belong to me and to my Love also shine in me. Each soul must shine because Love shines.

“How beautiful man is when he prays! To pray means to believe. This generates love, humility and obedience. Man is united to God by the Spirit of Love.  GOD is the centre!  Souls never do anything on their own…



The Mystery of the Mother of God Text + Cover

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(The Mother of God says):

I am fighting with the souls!  My children, pray!  Prayer will defeat the devil and his followers. With you I pray for the forgiveness of sins; only with the Holy Spirit can prayer reach Heaven and the Heart of my Son. Your heart is His throne!  Don’t dethrone him with your sins against Him! HE LOVES THE SOULS OF BELIEVERS!”

(Jesus, speaking about His Mother):

She saw the earth’s destruction, and souls stirred up by the devil.  Against this monster she brought forth a child, that sin might be destroyed.


“She had only a human heart.  Grace was hidden from her too.  She saw that mankind was breaking up.

“Tell my Mother everything!  She is goodness personified!  No prayer addressed to Her goes unheard.  She shed too many tears to give me to you.

“How could She forget a soul that remembers Her?

“YOU NEED ONLY ASK; EVERYTHING IS GRANTED TO HER BY THE FATHER!  She takes the poison from sin, so that it is not mortal.  She mitigates (the effects of) sin.  There is no place where She cannot be of help, no matter how great the misery might be.  Her Heart is powerful!  She does not abandon anyone who calls on Her in need.

(Our Lady says:)

“This is how I received the words: ‘Son, behold your Mother!’  I am the VIRGIN FULL OF GRACE, MOTHER OF THE LORD. Call on me often. This invocation penetrates the clouds; it is a gift of great importance, hidden from hell. I love these words for their simplicity, yet they are so rich in meaning!”



Exortations for our Time Text + Cover

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(Jesus says:)

“Help, when your brother can’t find his way home! My sorrow is a sorrow that loves.  You must light the way for others once you have found me.  This way Grace is multiplied. Keep a humble heart after you have found me and help your brethren who are unable to find their way home on their own. You are called to donate love, share the grace, for it is a pure gift! It is not you who have sought me, but I who have sought you.

“Those who help (others) have understood my Love. Put me back in every brother! The world has become cold, without Spirit.  It would end if I weren’t present in the Sacraments.

“You must DRAW LOVE FROM ME, so that no one may founder in the mire of sin!

“Always pray for everyone! Never only for self!  Seek this spirit of poverty, but without feeling coerced.

“Protect my Church so that she can be capable of bearing you. She is fastened to me; never forget that!  She bears the Light able to illumine souls. I have given the Church more power than ever before!

“I send workers into my vineyard, young ones also. You will be free. All in its own time. The Holy Spirit cannot be demolished or tied down.  He will find his own. The CHURCH will rise again!

“All that happens has been permitted, and still more will happen. FIRST I GATHER, THEN WILL COME THE NEW BEGINNING.

“I send my Spirit out! Many have called me through the Spirit. The faithful should not fear!

“They cannot destroy my Church. I want to give (souls) time to convert. I do not desire servants. Their will must remain intact till the new beginning, that they may come with souls rent by sorrow…



Mercy of Jesus Fount of Love Text

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(Jesus says:)

“I love hands that pray, and a heart that believes! They impede hell from doing evil. You have been preserved from many sins! I said: ‘That which you do to the least of your brethren, you do unto me.’ I ask you to pray for the brethren who can’t, because they are taken to the deepest canyons of hell through their sins! They don’t stop in front of anything; they have abandoned all restraint. YOU CAN HELP THEM!  I am generous, and willingly give. They have to find me again! Accompany them. AND DON’T JUDGE!  YOU WOULD CONDEMN YOURSELVES. Would you mistreat an ill man? Neither can you mistreat a soul.

“LOVE ALWAYS HELPS! Love has a secret way to my Heart. It’s not locked.  I know my Father heeds you when you pray to me, certainly! How thankful the souls will be when they see how you opened their eyes!

“Darkness will cover the earth because total unbelief reigns everywhere. Then Satan will come and gather his own. I have mitigated the weapons, thanks to my Mercy. You need to know my Mercy; it never rejects anyone. And you have enough proofs of it.

“The evil doers will fall into the nets. My Mercy will prevail powerfully! Thanks to the intercession of my Mother, for she beseeched me. She is a POWERFUL MEDIATRIX. Do (what you do) in her name.

“Many are at work to restrain justice.

“A great event will come upon the world, but do not fear!  I visit the deepest abysses; my Heart must! I can change my plans, yes, at any moment. Without you noticing, I AM at work.

“My Heart is a rock because it is MERCIFUL! Pray: ‘Jesus, Mercy!’ because it contains Mercy. It is Love without end. He who loves Jesus is loved back in turn. No prayer to me that invokes mercy goes unheard. It’s my Mother’s prayer. To say it means that one already has faith…



Jesus, King of Love Text + Cover

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May 1966 – JESUS said):

“I am a very mighty KING! My kingdom is endless. You are pilgrims on the earth. I have preceded you here in Heaven. For you the Father opened up Heaven! He gave all His Love for your sake, to give you a throne of unimaginable splendour! You have been made equal to His Son, who let himself be profoundly humbled, for your sake.

“He left you the Crown that was on his head. With it he was humiliated and his kingdom ridiculed. You cannot imagine what this Crown means. It will shine over all of Heaven! He gave it as a jewel for his creatures. You will be eternally crowned with it, because my kingdom is an empire. I am crowned with it and everyone will recognize the love descending from it.

“The crown is worth the most, it was worn by the Spirit! Hell saw the offence it caused me; the Father saw the Love in its infinity. It is a crown no one has had. My head wore it out of Love, making me the REDEEMER for the REDEEMED. No one can understand Love, nor its worth!

“With this crown the Father received me when I returned to Heaven. How I was ornate with this crown! The Father glorified my Crown with Himself. I am the Crown of creation! Thus I was welcomed by the Spirit who formed my body in His own perfection. It is inconceivably veritable how I served Love and withstood all hatred! Nothing is more true than the fact that I proceeded from GOD and returned to Him in my Humanity!…



The Sacred Heart of Jesus Text + Cover

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(Jesus says:)

“Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been abolished more than once. You should venerate the Sacred Heart without ceasing! The Sacred Heart means everything; it always has – it is the word of the Spirit that is issued by the Father. It is through my Heart that the entire Redemption was made possible. Promote devotion to the Sacred Heart. Publish a booklet about it, but ask your confessor first. This devotion will show the way to the Church. The Heart of Jesus is the Way that leads out of the abyss…

(First Friday of the month, May 1984. Jesus says):

“I will open my Heart again. With this help, hell will lose every foothold. Find refuge for your souls in the Act of Love. A stream of grace will then come upon you, just as you saw in the sacrament of confession. Only this can save the world. My Heart will win; this Heart that began beating in the Mother’s Heart. ‘May it be done unto me according to your faith.’ Thus (was heard) the cry from the abyss when the devil believed you his. He can only lie. Without my redeeming Love mankind cannot withstand such cruelty, which he constantly increases to cancel Redemption…



God Speaks to the Soul
A synthesis of Messages from Heaven
to the german Mystic Justine Klotz (1888- 1984)

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God speaks to the Soul
it’s a synthesis of Messages from the sky
to the German mystic Justine Klotz (1888-1984).
In the appendix you can also find
the Words of the Lord on particular subjects.

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