MERCY stirs up LOVE. It is a luminous way. Love without measure!


(Words of the Lord, drawn from God, speaks to the soul, booklets 1-8)


“I have placed everything in MY HUMANITY, to prepare this way.  How I will fill souls with gifts!  It is a call to Grace!  I love the Act of Love.  I have placed my Mercy in it.  MERCY stirs up LOVE.  It is a luminous way.  Love without measure!

“My Mercy is like a strong current that no one can stop.  It reaches into every abyss.

“Pray thus your Act of Love:  TAKE THE LAMP OF LOVE; LIGHT IT WITH  TRUST, just as priests once went to the sick, bearing a lamp.  I need  these bearers of Light, messengers of Love.  I can pass over ravines which are impassable for everyone else.  I have sent you as messengers of Love.

You can inhale and exhale love.”

“Sin is a poison that creeps stealthily. Pray and love! Then the stars in the heaven of mercy will shine.  No prayer remains unheard. Or have my words lost their light?  I am God and man.  First, I am GOD who desired descending to the earth. Address your prayers to me, it will strengthen your faith!

“My mercy will destroy the devil’s shield.  Go to the sacrament of penance and atone for my love!  Without atonement no one can find the Way.

“Child, I use Mercy.

“The ACT of Love will conquer the world.

“It will cover the earth like snowflakes. Pray it, if possible, on your knees. The act of love above all, and don’t go to sleep without having said it.  It is a means through which much can be avoided. It is as a net that can still catch a lot.  Think: my mercy can still do much.  Carry it in your heart; many instead hold their sins in their heart.  Place it next to the offerings you intend to make.

“Return to the sacrament of penance, and through the Holy Spirit, man will rise again as new, in the light of grace.  But don’t just offer words.  I offer my heart in sacrifice.  Bring it to me as a morning gift!

“Think, your souls are a sanctuary; also those of your brothers and sisters.  Your (offering) benefits them too.

Offer it up ( …I heard the noise of fine bells…) as though placed on the paten.  It will allow me to tear down the wall put up by the evil one against me.


I have established the ACT of LOVE as a pledge of great mercy.  Your trust must be as great…

I will pour out all my mercy on you, so everyone may find his way back home.  Therefore, pray the act of love assiduously because many have abandoned everything.

“(The act of love) is as a clock that does not stop. It is united to my mercy.

If every soul prayed it just once in the morning and in the evening, the “thousand” would be as a raindrop that once it has fallen into the sea cannot be taken out anymore.  So does my mercy draw near to the light.

“This love will be as breath for the soul.  For its sake I will open up many cold and stony hearts.  Mankind has sunk so deeply that only my mercy can save it. That’s why I give you this act of love.

“Men must bear their sins together, and in the same way mercy is granted to all. (…)

“When you are frightened by something, say often: “My Jesus, have Mercy!”

“Don’t let yourself be fooled through your own self! Your judgement is always false! You cannot see into your soul, nor into the souls of others.

“The love you can give me is greater because your mercy is greater.”

“Always nurture profound repentance!  All one’s past will be cancelled. God is full of Mercy for each individual soul.  It is my desire to demolish everything that keeps distance (between) me (and souls), that is caused by evil, the wickedness of which is without comparison. All is mine, child, everything!

“AND THEN, KISS MY WOUNDS; I POURED OUT MY BLOOD FROM THEM TO GIVE YOU THE NEW LIFE THAT ONLY I CAN GIVE!  How hard it was when I carried the cross for you, to free you from sin and death!  ONLY GOD, IN HIS INFINITE MERCY, CAN LOVE AS MUCH!

(More on this subject in the book God speaks to the soul)

(Featured photo: Baptême de Jésus – Basilique Notre Dame du Rosair Lourdes)

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