You shall always love, when you can’t do anything else.

Words of the Lord, drawn from God, speaks to the soul, booklets 1-8

“When you listen you love.  It is the way of the small. You shall always love, when you can’t do anything else.

“How did Therese do it?  She knelt and offered me her heart.  I brought it close to my own Heart.  It was a deep union.

“You have to be that small and always offer me your heart.  It receives its own power.  It cannot become cold anymore.

“Aren’t the small the ones to be loved the most?  They are the less troubled.  How fast they come to me.  I have become their love.

“Take the lamp of love that I have lit, and bring it to your brethren.  THIS CIRCLE WILL CREATE UNITY.  I have defined the goals, because my Love is without bounds, and it burns like fire in every direction.  For body and soul, this is the surest way, because Love cannot die.  Love alone has overcome death. All the blood of my Heart was shed to make this Love fertile.

“Pray thus your Act of Love:  TAKE THE LAMP OF LOVE; LIGHT IT WITH  TRUST, just as priests once went to the sick, bearing a lamp.  I need  these bearers of Light, messengers of Love.  I can pass over ravines which are impassable for everyone else.  I have sent you as messengers of Love.

You can inhale and exhale love.”

(Justine): “Jesus, my every breath is for love of You.”

(Jesus):  “To Trust I have granted all (my) Love.  So follow me.  To awaken your trust I said, ‘Heaven and earth may pass, but my words will not pass!’  How my words glow when they shine with Trust!  With it, everything is possible. Wherever grace is established, there Trust is also established.

“A wonderful light will come, that everyone will see:  the light with the sign of the cross.  (It is) an image of forgiving love; the dominion of God shaken at its base; the Mother with a grieving soul, for priests and for the people.

“This is how I want to unite you, as it has always been.  They will recognise God better.  (It is) a gift of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit will sustain them.

“No day must end without love!  If you only knew how I love souls that multiply their love a thousand-fold for my sake!  I can’t be silent any longer; I can’t withhold telling you.  There is nothing else to be done; it is already done.  It is like a mother kissing all her children on the cheeks.  Such is my joy when I observe my Mother’s happiness, for it came to be because of her desire to save souls.

“This Love has the most intense perfume, and brings you together.  Anyone can profit from it. You just have to hold your heart to this source.  It refreshes!

“My love is saving love that I distribute without end!  It is as though lighting one another’s torch with the fire that comes from me.  Through Love, you are called by God to extraordinary action.  Who is ready to be my guest?  The doors of My house are flung open. Many souls have already heard this call of mine.

My blood contains creative force.  My heart is entirely holy; it loves and forgives.  I know the needs of the saints of these times. They can still carry my heart and honour it as it should be honoured.  I will destroy the door of the devil and of those who are allied with him.

“Child, I use Mercy.

“The ACT of Love will conquer the world.

“It will cover the earth like snowflakes. Pray it, if possible, on your knees. The act of love above all, and don’t go to sleep without having said it.  It is a means through which much can be avoided. It is as a net that can still catch a lot.  Think: my mercy can still do much.  Carry it in your heart; many instead hold their sins in their heart.  Place it next to the offerings you intend to make.

“Return to the sacrament of penance, and through the Holy Spirit, man will rise again as new, in the light of grace.  But don’t just offer words.  I offer my heart in sacrifice.  Bring it to me as a morning gift!

“Think, your souls are a sanctuary; also those of your brothers and sisters.  Your (offering) benefits them too.

“Those who take Mary as Mother don’t know how closely they are bound to each other (because of her). It is thanks to her that love of neighbour is salvaged. Her eyes are always pure. She is only love, and nothing but love; it comes from her soul.  She knows the preciousness of the soul and is touched by it. She has a forgiving look, because my words from the Cross – when I asked the Father to forgive – were impressed into her soul.”

“No one can measure the happiness of being loved by this Mother!

“She looks into souls and sees the Son and the Father at the same time, the love of His heart.

“You don’t know how much she can love! And how precious this love of hers is to God: it is like a precious gem set in her crown for all to see!

“One cannot imagine how good her heart is. It is totally directed towards Love, and so full of delight. HAIL MARY, eternally!

You have a QUEEN as mother! She gave birth to you under the Cross; she found you in the temple, thanks to the Child.


(The Mother of God)

“O, children, you are so poor.  So few search for God!  It must be done with all one’s heart!  Do not give up half way! Not much is asked of you, only to give yourself to Love. Only this way God can come into your heart and hold it close.

(Jesus says:)

You come daily to receive the Eucharist, yet you leave your brothers to suffer in the freezing cold! O, do pray! There are brethren who call!

The dead can not walk again. I am concerned with the inner resurrection.  In hearts is death and sin.  Souls need elevating from within!  It is to this that you are called, you who believe in me and in my Love.


“Love must be spread.  It cannot be locked up like money in a closet.

(More on this subject in the book God speaks to the soul)

(Image highlighted: at that point the love bent over all of Dolores G.)