Meditations by Fr. Hubert H. on current topics and on particular topics concerning the care of souls, available in pdf.


The Alliance of Donation, formed by souls allied with Jesus, to serve the salvation of souls with a ready heart

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“Join together in a covenant of self-giving! Renounce your free will, then I can visit your depths!

“Form a community: HELP FOR ALL! Many will be ready for it. Have concern for the soul with all your might! You have to learn Love from me; always in its highest form. Keep your heart humble after you have found Me; Help your brothers and sisters who are unable to rmake their way back Home; You must be light … so that I can multiply my Grace …

You must donate Love, share the Grace.

He who helps has understood LOVE.
Help Me to be once again in every brother and sister…



The Eucharist: Fishing for Souls

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Words of Jesus and of the Virgin Mary on the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass and on the Eucharist


“Describe me in the host! It is not possible! I AM LOVE BORN THROUGH THE MOUTH OF THE PRIEST. Through the Holy Spirit I was born, and I became Host, for your souls.
“This miracle of Omnipotence far exceeds all that happens on the earth. Heaven and earth can not contain me, yet you can receive me! I am so small as to be received by you!…

“If the devil could probe it out, love would be wounded and GOD offended. This was the devil’s intent throughout time. That is why so many priests have fallen victims. Woe to those who forget to pray for them! If I were to allow a separation, all would fall into the abyss.

“The Holy Spirit does not die. This is what gives the victory to the Church with the words: “The doors of hell will not prevail against her!” And she will come out of it renewed.

“Still more time has to pass. The new morning is dawning!

“No eye has seen what GOD has prepared for those who repent! The devil cannot counteract them. Each repentance is secret, a great gift! To recognize GOD, man must suffer. GOD wants to even the way to his Love, so it can be accepted.

ON HOLY MASS (Jesus says)

“It is the greatest sacri ce of reconciliation! I poured out my blood to the last drop. That is why its worth is in nite, and so incomprehensible to everyone! This Sacri ce is the one most loved by GOD and the one most worthy of my Love. All is a gift, nothing earned, because it is my merit, for you and the Father. Its value cannot be measured, nor understood, nor sustained.

I am not a lord of this world, still it lies in my hands to preserve it for you, because I am good.

(The Mother of God says)

“I am present at every Holy Mass. I am with my Son in the Sacri ce, very close to every soul. I have to watch over souls, that all hearts might be open and able to receive the Grace being offered. I bring the love of the Father, who gave me the Son.

I am the Mother of all priests in a special way (since) none of them could bear the bur- den alone; for this reason I do not leave them alone. I always am to them, as I was to my Son. The words Jesus said to me on the Cross were impressed into my heart. The were generated by the Holy Spirit for me. Therefore I often carry the weight of my crown with sorrow. Every priest is entrusted to me! They are particularly close to me because of my Son’s Blood. Every priest grew inside of me; so much do I love them! The Father wants to love them through me. That is why He blessed my love and gave me great power for priests.

“The Sacrifice cannot be touched by sin. Said Purity descends upon the Altar.
“O, how sublime is the priestly consecration, performed by words God Himself puts into the mouth of His consecrated priest. The priest himself cannot comprehend; it would be impossible for him…



Child Jesus found by Justine Klotz

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Justine Klotz had a figurine of the Child Jesus made of wax, wrapped in swaddling clothes. Figurines of the Child Jesus had been popular for centuries in the Alps. Justine had found hers on 3rd July 1970, the rst Friday of the month, in an attic, in a dirty and damaged state. With a lot of patience she restored it. She cleaned it and wrapped it in swaddling clothes, had a little cradle made and laid it under a glass cover.

During that time the Mother of God spoke to her often, saying: “He should belong to the Church. Let him be consecrated again, he has to stay the way he is now. Through this Child many miracles will happen. Many are the injuries it has suffered. God has a plan with all this. Daughter, now there will be light in many souls… you can draw grace every time you think of the Child.”

Justine notes in her diary: “Fr. Weigl had given me a book, and in this book there was an image of the Mother of Good Council. As I observed this image, I heard the words of the Mother:

“I love the ill and the needy, and sinners.
“Mothers should call me when their children lose the way. But ask them

to have faith, that the time will come. This help is needed. I only need to ask the Child (and the Child Jesus I keep was indicated to me). Place your intentions and requests under the pillow. Do everything I tell you about the Child. Never give it away. It will stay in this house at rst, so that many can come and honour the Child. It shall belong to the Church. Let it be consecrated again, it shall stay the way it is. Through this Child, miracles are still to happen. So much shame has fallen on it, and through it, on me.

“Every image through which my Child can be adored is precious to me. Try to understand me. It belongs to you as well as to me. That is why I wish it to be adored. That is why I came at this hour. Don’t tell anyone yet. I give the Child a new court. Believe it. This Child will be adored. I led you to this place to nd the Child. My blessing is on this Child. It may not belong to any- one else. This writing is to be kept for the Child. What I tell you is meant for the Child.

“I love the ill, the needy and sinners, because the Child hears me. Through Him, I comfort you. No one should know yet. Tell your confessor this, as you tell him everything. It is right for him to know. I lay the Child on his priestly heart, that it may belong to the Child. Honour the Child in every possible way…



Messages on Particular Topics:
Abortion, Eucharist, Humility, the Sacred Heart, Pope John Paul II, Suffering, Resurrection...

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Excerpt from the topic related to abortion

(Our Lady)

“It will be an honour for St. Joseph who offered so many sacri ces for my Child. He was sent as a saviour. He never once thought of himself, but only to save me and the Child. He worked so hard to earn our bread.

“(…) He is (foster) father still. So offer your entreaties to him!

“I want to offer up all (little souls) to the Light. In my Heart there is so much ardour. I am Mother of Grace, an honour granted to me by God.

“Child, take some holy water, then take your Cross – the one with the indul- gence for the deceased – and bless these little souls, and say with the heart:

“The LORD bless you and keep you; “The LORD make His face shine upon you, “May He receive you in His irrepressible Love!”

“They will be the same as innocent babies. “If the mothers knew what they were doing! “Every conception is the work of God! ON ABORTION

“Who has the permit to demolish the bridge?

“They have lost all restraint, and they advance towards the abyss. However, not the baby! The day will come when they (the mothers) shall call out (to their children). But there shall be only silence! It is the assassination of one’s own child, done stealthily.

“It is a threat to the entire world! Woe to those mothers who do it lightly! “They will all be subjected to judgement.
“Help them, that they may not fall into (the abyss)!”

The FATHER WANTS TO BE MERCIFUL! For this reason you were shown this (Mrs. Klotz had just seen a vision of unborn children). He desires giving mothers the chance to atone.

“Help the mothers with children in need, to impede them (from abort- ing). Money is found for so many diversions. Use some of this money! Be willing (to help)! This work will bear fruit in one’s own body. God is aware of the peril for so many and He thwarts it.”

(Jesus, speaking on these little souls)

“Help these mothers to make ATONEMENT, that they not be crushed by their sin! Love is a commandment that regards everyone. Don’t stop at your- selves, otherwise you will remain alone. The time of great Mercy is coming; mercy that covers all, that is able to cover all. I shall remind you of these words. “The ACT of LOVE is a passionate prayer for this time.”


(Jesus says)

MARRIAGE IS THE CRIB OF THE CHURCH! There must be a renewal of marriages. Only GOD can cause this. Therefore, MAKE ATONE- MENT for the sake of MARRIAGE! Pray twice as much! You must pray for this!

“Atone for marriage, which will be eternal. He who atones is mine. Other- wise no one can cross that bridge, under which rages hell. The kingdom will be cleaned of all blight. No one must think he has reached the goal. GOD will watch closely over the heart. Satan works with haste.

“Marriage is not lawlessness, but a precise law against the esh!

“Heaven was closed to many, because they had abused of the law. They had lived in sin alone, without respect for the commandment. GOD will ask for an account! Pray for marriage and for priests, as both are being ruined! Without there being marriages willed by God, no new priests will be born.”

27 July 2019

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