Mrs. Justine Klotz

A flower in the Lord’s garden

Justine Klotz’s life

Father Hubert tells

I am Father Hubert Hintermaier, born in 1946, priest of the Diocese of Regensburg, and I am an adult vocation, consecrated priest in 1977. It is an honor and a joy for me to testify to the Church my great consideration for the German Mystic Justine Klotz, for her life of suffering and atonement, for the writings she left us and for the Alliance of Donation that Jesus invite us to form.

Mrs. Justine Klotz

In particular, Our Lord Jesus says: “The Act of Love is an act of trust of the highest degree… because TO LOVE IS TO TRUST!” – Regarding the virtue of trust He says: “Daughter, love my MERCY!  I love the prayer that invokes my mercy with trust! Help can always be found. You are always fleeing from my love, while I long for you to call on me… My Mercy flowed like a stream when my Heart was pierced. Everything is Mercy; every line of your writing is mercy! “

Allow me to testify with these words of mine and with my experience as a priest, that all the writings transmitted by Justine Klotz are authentic: the words and content of these messages comply to the Gospels, and are consistent with the teachings of the Church. They lead people deeper into the Catholic faith. In particular, people who have read them come to feel that they truly are children of God’s love; that they are recipients of his infinite Mercy, and they feel deeply loved by God. The good results are the will to love the Lord and the efforts to live out a virtuous life, especially with regards to love one’s neighbor, towards those who do not believe and do not practice the faith, and those whose actions are damaging to us and to society.

Regarding the Imprimatur for the writings, this has not been issued since they are no longer granted except in the cases of new editions or translations of the Bible, and for liturgical or educational publications. However, the prayer in Italian was granted the imprimatur by the liturgical office of Rome on 29th November 2013.

However, with an Announcement dated 6 August 1976 (ref. no. GV-Nr 4536/76/1a;E. nR. 2163) the Ordinary of the Diocese of Munich-Freising authorized the printing of the writings, “God speaks to the Soul”. The Announcement was issued following the request by parish priest, Fr. Karl Maria Harrer, concerning Booklet 2  – “The Omnipotence of Love”.

The Message states: “Said writings may certainly be published, having been found consistent with the teachings of the Church… Regarding the Imprimatur, this was not issued since they are no longer granted except in the cases of “new editions or translations of the Bible, and for liturgical or educational publications.”

These writings are living words, which give guidance, warmth

That was the beginning of her ” extraordinary” mystic experiences and at the same time of her Calvary.  She lived a life of sacrifices, in secrecy, in humbleness and in prayer.  Her private life did not lack thorns so that she sometimes believed she might not be able to continue to face her daily difficulties.

After the event at the foot of the cross, she continued,  for all her life, to hear a voice in her heart which spoke and gave her messages.  This lasted for over 60 years, until she died. In the first years she wanted to keep this secret, sometimes believing it was one of the devil’s games.  She considered herself the most unworthy person of the world.  But Jesus had chosen her, saying: “Daughter, if I could have found a more unworthy person I would have chosen her … through you I want to crown my Misery”, and gradually Justine convinced herself of the true nature of her experiences and got ready for a life which would not have been ” normal” anymore.  She sought even more help that came from prayer and frequent resource to the sacraments.

In the messages given to her, at a certain point, there were some which expressly invited her to inform her confessor of everything.  But first, for a long time, Justine had not dared to tell anyone, out of fear of being made fun of or of being held crazy. Often she made notes when the voice spoke to her, but time after time she ripped up what she had written down, believing it a joke of the evil one.

Successively Justine moved to Munich where she remained for a long time. It was here that she found a priest – a very famous Jesuit – who understood her and told her to write down whatever she heard in her heart and give it to him.  So Justine started to write down, with great care, the celestial communications so full of great love and highest theology.

She could clearly distinguish who was talking to her: Jesus, Mary, an angel, a saint.  Everything she heard, or saw, in those years was carefully written down and kept safe. Later, with the help of her confessor, she was able to tell other trusted people, particularly priests. It became clear to her that the messages were actually meant for them.

The Book Collection “God speaks to the Soul”

Of the writings given to us by the mystic Justine Klotz, 850 sheets have been gathered in the collection, “GOD SPEAKS TO THE SOUL,”  which is published in German and in other languages.  The title was given according to the Lord’s will.  Each publication was produced as a request of the Redeemer.  Fr.  Karl Maria Harrer of the St. Bruder Klaus parish in Munich, permitted the divulgation of the writings, after consulting the mystic’s confessor. The handwritings in German have been collected thus:

The Act of Love: Secure Way to Renewal

The Almighty Love in the Sacrament of Penance

Mystery of my Love – notes on the Priesthood

The Mystery of the Mother of God

Exhortations for our Time

Mercy of Jesus, Fount of Love

Jesus, King of Love

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

What you are about to read is a synthesis of the 8 booklets above.  Material for subsequent publications is ready in great quantities.  All the writings and the originals are in the possession of her confessor.

Mrs. Justine Klotz was born in a little town near Munich on 25 February 1888 and died on 6 June 1884 in a retirement home.

She received messages until the end of her days.

As a priest and brother, I pray for you and invite you to accept this gift of Jesus, divine comment to the Word, and to pray the Act of Love: “They are my words,” says Jesus. “I wrote them into your heart.”

At the end of the book some prayers and messages have been gathered, given from Jesus on certain themes like the sacraments, the priesthood, confession, communion, abortion and others.

Therefore be faithful, dear reader! I bless you: that Jesus’ love may strengthen you, guide you and protect you, your families, your neighbours, the distant, your work, whatever you do, every thought.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, through the name of the Virgin Mary, of all the angels and saints. Amen!

Father Hubert Hintermaier

An Ecclesial Recognition

An ecclesial recognition of the words transmitted to Mrs. Justine Klotz has so far only happened in two moments.


The aforementioned document of 6.8.1976 (GV Nr. 4536/76/1, E Nr 2163) with which the Ordinary of the diocese of Munich declared that “the Imprimatur is not necessary (for the writings The omnipotence of love “in the sacrament of penance” because, according to the directives of the Second Vatican Council, it is required only for educational publications, Bible translations and liturgical books “.


It is certainly significant that the dean Josef Schneider and the parish priest Karl Maria Harrer, on 1 November 1987, two years after the death of Justine Klotz, decided to integrate the publication of the 8 files “God speaks to the soul”, begun already in 1976 in agreement with Mrs. Justine Klotz, printing an additional book, summary of the main messages transmitted to Mystique.


The Imprimatur in relation to the “Prayer of the Act of Love”, published with great joy on 11/29/2013 by the Vicariate of Rome.

I also underline the doctoral thesis “Signs of a true and false mysticism”, in which a priest indicated in Giustina the signs of a true mysticism, above all his fidelity and his obedience to the Church. Satisfying this was always a help and a protection for her. The confessor’s word was for his guidance and clarification.

All the writings and prayers have always been distributed for free.

The new prayer of the Act of love

Jesus, Mary, I love you, save the souls of the priests, save souls.

Allow me to repeat this Act of Love a thousand times with every breath,

with every beat of my heart.

(Vicariat Rome, Imprimatur N.26 v. 29.11.2013)

Some of the promises of Jesus concerning the Act of Love as revealed to Justine Klotz (1888-1984):

(Jesus): “Pray with great trust! This Act of Love is an act of trust to the greatest extent. Begin the day in this way and do not end it any other way! I give you the word ‘thousand’ as a gift. It was never like this. Consider this! It is a gift of love from my divine soul. It is always a consecration to my love, as much as a solemn Holy Mass. The angels will begin to sing ‘Holy’ and praise my love, as never before. Often some of the highest angels are present.

You don’t realize what you are doing. It is a tribute to my love. My love is a love that saves, a love that I can give without measure! You have been recruited by God out of love to do something extraordinary. Breathe with this love in your heart and the devil will no longer find an entrance there. You can breathe love in and out. Soon evil will retreat. There will be light in the souls again. This I have foreseen and carried out. I myself am the one who will show the way and lead to grace.

It is a great gift of grace for every soul: The Victory of my Mother. For her I gave this Act of Love, for everyone and for-ever. The Mother has great numbers of angels which she sends out to help her child in battle. No one is alone with the Act of Love. Many are praying simultaneously. These are my watchmen. No priest who prays the Act of Love and helps to make it known will die without the Act of Love. It is an eternal offering. Even while you are thinking about it, I can save many souls.

Live your life with love! LOVE for LOVE! I will return burning love to you. There is still time. When I gave Peter the keys, I opened the gateway of Love. This happened in the Spirit through My words. He rules the whole Church, that is how mighty My words are. No one has such words and so much grace to pour out! Everything comes to life and is filled with light and I am here and present, yet invisible.

My whole work was hidden in HUMILITY… (further information under “Booklet 1. The act of Love: A Secure Way to Renewal”).