The Act of Love Prayer
Jesus, Mary, I love you!
Save the souls of the priests,
Save souls,
I beseech You,
And grant me to repeat this
With my every breath,
My every heartbeat.
(Imprimatur N. 26, Vicariatus Romae 29.11.2013)

Jesus’ words about the prayer of the new act of love

The Savior told to Justine: “I’ll show you the omnipotence of My Love: This Is My Mercy. I give you the word thousand. It has never been this way! It is a gift of love of my divine soul… Everyone is called to make this ACT OF LOVE. This is why it has to be spread and let be spread. It will become a giant flame, I promise you. Start with courage and always include the word “THOUSAND”!…I have placed my Mercy in it. MERCY stirs up LOVE. It is a luminous way. Love without measure!

This love will be the breath of every soul. I will reopen many hearts that were already petrified. Only my mercy can still save them. For this I gave the ACT OF LOVE. My Mother is by your side in the battle against hell. How my Mother cried for the sake of souls! It is for Her that I established the Act of Love, so infinitely great for each soul, and forever. The Spirit will sustain them. Everything is possible with Love. Love raises everything up to the Father… The Holy Spirit is visible in the triumph… It is as an act of consecration to my love; as at Holy Mass.  The angels are always present.”

Revelations, meditations, prayers

The Words of the Lord to the souls, transmitted through Justine Klotz

Father Hubert oversaw the transcription of manuscripts and Revelations. Only a small part of the Words transmitted from Heaven to Mrs. Klotz has been translated into English.
In addition to these, you will also find on the site some Meditations taken from the Revelations and from the Teaching of Mother Church, edited by Fr. Hubert H. who has known and helped the Mystique for 14 years, until her death in 1984.
In the site you will find a small biography of Mrs. Klotz.
The Revelations, Meditations and Prayers are now spread throughout the world, in multiple languages.
Here you can freely download the files. These are authentic revelations, in accordance with the Gospel and consistent with the teachings of the Church. These writings lead people to deepen love and mercy.

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Revelations of the Lord Jesus to the Mystic Justine Klotz faithfully transcribed by Fr. Hubert Hintermaier available for free in PDF format.

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Meditations by Fr. Hubert H. concerning particular topics for the salvation of souls, available as pdf.

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Prayers taken mainly from the writings God speaks to the soul, available for free in PDF format.

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Brief description of Justine Klotz’s life

O Saviour, only for you, only for you!

In the year 1917 Justine Klotz was 28 years old when one day she was kneeling before a cross, in her house, and was in prayer when she heard a sound of bells ringing in her heart, followed by the words: "You are mine and I am yours!" She heard them more than once, for a long moment. After that, on her knees, looking towards the cross, she promised the Saviour: "O Saviour only for you, only for you!" Immediately she felt a pain in her soul, so strong it stopped her breath, so that she thought she was about to die. That was the beginning of her " extraordinary" mystic experiences and at the same time of her Calvary…

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