Fr. Hubert oversaw the transcription of manuscripts and Revelations. Only a small part of the Words transmitted from Heaven to Mrs. Klotz has been translated into English.
In addition to these, you will also find on the site some Meditations taken from the Revelations and from the Teaching of Mother Church, edited by Br. Hubert H. who has known and helped the Mystique for 14 years, until her death in 1984.
In the site you will find a small biography of Mrs. Klotz.
The Revelations, Meditations and Prayers are now spread throughout the world, in multiple languages.
Here you can freely download the files. These are authentic revelations, in accordance with the Gospel and consistent with the teachings of the Church. These writings lead people to deepen love and mercy.

Short introduction

Padre Hubert

As a priest and brother, I pray for you and invite you to accept this gift of

Jesus, divine comment to the Word, and to pray the Act of Love: “They are my

words,” says Jesus. “I wrote them into your heart.”

At the end of the book some prayers and messages have been gathered, given

from Jesus on certain themes like the sacraments, the priesthood, confession,

communion, abortion and others.

Therefore be faithful, dear reader! I bless you: that Jesus’ love may strengthen

you, guide you and protect you, your families, your neighbours, the distant, your

work, whatever you do, every thought.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, through the name of

the Virgin Mary, of all the angels and saints. Amen!

Father Hubert Hintermaier

Alleanza di Donazione

È una Comunità spirituale, formata da anime alleate di Gesù, per servire con cuore pronto la salvezza delle anime.

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