Humbleness attracts me and is full of Grace!

Man cannot comprehend HUMILITY. It, too, comes from me, and it can lift you up. Light (in the soul) cannot burn without it.  It is rooted in faith.

Words of the Lord, drawn from God, speaks to the soul, booklets 1-8

(22 June 1974):

“(…) Kiss my feet!  My mother has often done it, in her great humbleness. It is the only way the soul remains pure.

“(…) Humbleness attracts me and is full of Grace!  That is why I wanted to be so humble with you. Therefore: he who cannot bend down, cannot even rise up! Through me, humbleness has become the greatest star in the heaven of mercy.

“My mother understood humbleness and cultivated it relentlessly.  It was thus that she was able to bear so much Grace, and drink from the cup until the end.  This love permeates the flesh and purifies it.

“Lay your sins beneath the Cross (and a conversion) will flourish!  All is cancelled.  In their place you receive Grace (through the sacrament of confession).

“You have drawn from my holiness thanks to the Holy Spirit. No other moment is worth as much! For this I gave the blood of my heart. I gave myself totally over to your misery.

“I had said: ‘Who can accuse me of anything?’ Thus, I founded this sacrament, for your benefit.  I built my throne on my great HUMILITY. Think of this when you (go to confession).

“(…) Pray much to receive the Holy Spirit! It can prevent misfortune.  He imparts my strength to the soul.

“(…) Man cannot comprehend HUMILITY. It, too, comes from me, and it can lift you up. Light (in the soul) cannot burn without it.  It is rooted in faith.

(Jesus speaking on His Mother):

She is Mother of all priests, and of all children.  By the grace of her supplications priests are granted to the Church.  It was by the grace of her supplications that my time was quickened, and now her supplications continue for priests. Everything comes through her and is returned to the Father.  She is so adorned for the Father; to honour the Father.

“She was made to render honour.  Her soul knows not the ego.  She was elevated because of her HUMILITY, to honour the Son. (…)

“How could a priest bear his own dignity if she were not his mother!  He is permitted to elevate the Son to the Father, as she did.  Yet, no one can equal her!

No prayer is denied her, such is her HUMILITY. Even in heaven her heart has not changed.  All of heaven is amazed.  No one has ever seen a trace of her ego.  She gave all for her Son’s sake, and for her children. Her soul has become a source of  help for sinners. Her heart was never concerned about herself, but only about the Soul.

“Those who take Mary as Mother don’t know how closely they are bound to each other (because of her). It is thanks to her that love of neighbour is salvaged. Her eyes are always pure. She is only love, and nothing but love; it comes from her soul.  She knows the preciousness of the soul and is touched by it. She has a forgiving look, because my words from the Cross – when I asked the Father to forgive – were impressed into her soul.”

“Humility lights up the unknown.  This strength descends from the Spirit and is received by men.  Everyone recognises its preciousness and my House is infused with fervour.

“The tabernacles are intact, even in these times; and men are able to find their way Home.  The Spirit’s presence can be perceived.  Sin melts like ice in the summer wind.

“How beautiful man is when he prays! To pray means to believe. This generates love, humility and obedience. Man is united to God by the Spirit of Love.  GOD is the centre!  Souls never do anything on their own.

“Be HUMBLE! GOD GIVES HIS GRACE only to the humble! Do everything for GOD! Ask first for humility.  HUMILITY is my fundamental virtue. It is attained through abandoning oneself to my Will. This virtue requires much prayer. No priest can carry out his mission without it.

“Never pass before a cross without kissing it! It is a redeeming grace, which many have forgotten. It will strengthen you against evil. You will receive in return the gift of humility.

“My Heart is like a fountain which gushes forth by itself. One only needs to stoop in humility, like when drinking from a wellspring.

“I love men’s thoughts when they are humble! HUMILITY is my main virtue, that is why I became so little.

“One must suffer, to be able to love.

“One must pray, to be able to help.

“One must be humble, to find the height.

“One must search GOD, to be found.

“One must have trust, to not surrender to weakness.

“One must remain small, to not fall from the heights.

“One must direct his thoughts in the right way, and give the soul space.

(On the Cover: The Madonna of Humility, by Robert Campin (1375-1444), Getty Museum.

“One must know to wait, and always be ready for God.

“You have to pray, never demand, as this is the way to hell.”

(More on this subject in the book God speaks to the soul)

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